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Here’s the opening spread of Shutter #6 by leiladelduca + Owen Gieni. 

We’re putting the issue to press this week and man oh man this spread. #6 wraps up our first arc before we break until #7’s release in December. As you can see, some fish and a turtle are featured, as well as threads we haven’t connected yet getting tied together in a fairly bloody fashion. Plus, Alarm Cat. 


Your words, in my memory

Are like music to me

20’s AU, based very heavily on this image because the idea wouldn’t leave me alone. I also thought I had a 1920’s request, but I can’t find it so maybe I dreamt it.

Props to fightingfortheusers for putting up with my headcanons as I worked, yet again.<3

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Charles is like, fuck you Erik. You never get to hear my voice inside your head again, you never get my help, my reassurance, my trust, my everything. You cut me out with that helmet, you betrayed me, you hurt me and abandoned me. There’s no point between rage and serenity, there’s no “old friend”, there’s just pain and anger. And I won’t go back and see the good, because I couldn’t stand it. 

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Charles is like, fuck you Erik. You never get to hear my voice inside your head again, you never get my help, my reassurance, my trust, my everything. You cut me out with that helmet, you betrayed me, you hurt me and abandoned me. There’s no point between rage and serenity, there’s no “old friend”, there’s just pain and anger. And I won’t go back and see the good, because I couldn’t stand it. 

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TOO BAD if you’re a writer wanting to mark your place in comic book history, because “Disco-Dancing Clark Kent” has already been done.


SUPERMAN FAMILY #196. July-August 1979. “Super-Disco Fever!” Written by Cary Burkett, Penciled by Kurt Schaffenberger, Inked by Dan Adkins.

Clark Kent is taken to a discotheque by his fan club and discovers that a madman has hidden several bombs beneath the dance floor.

He slyly uses his super-powers to disarm each one, using only the raw propulsive musk-scented power of … his moves.

(“Shake your bootie?”)

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Okay shamelessly reblogging myself as the financial due-date for my surgeon of September 18th looms nearer and nearer. I’d stop begging tbh because i’ve got a good % saved up but with the “out of work for 6 weeks” bit and the “moving to seattle thing” I’ll have a few extra expenses… ugh.


Hello! I’m red, and you may know me from such places as THE INTERNET or… well, the internet, though PAX is a distant possibility. I do fannish stuff here and there, mainly fanfiction though occasionally I wander off into graphics or cosplay or just obsessing over Sgt John Munch.

You may know Tank from such places as THIS VERY TUMBLR, which is named after his princely highness, or from the times when he’s submitted to cosplaying as a shark.

Together we are best of pals, and we’d like to introduce you to our fabulous new donate button. And by button I mean “link.” While PayPal takes the smallest cut compared to any of the fundraising sites, they are a bit weird about their donate button. 

                                  …BUT I HEAR YOU ASKING…

Donations?: yes, much as I loathe asking for money. There are a lot of people far more deserving than yours truly, but at this point I think the matter’s been forced because of our situation.

What situation?: let’s start with the more critical party, which would be Tank. Recently, I noticed Tank panting off and on—and more than the normal “I got waaaaay too ferocious running all over with this disco mouse bullshit” cat baseline. 

$400 later, we had some mostly-good bloodwork (yay), a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism (well, at least it’s easily treated), and some films that showed his heart to be enlarged and his lungs congested (super no). We went home with some diuretics and returned in two day’s time to get a complete cardiac workup ($800), which confirmed it.

Tank has severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

What’s this mean?: basically, Tank’s got a heart with thickened muscle walls that is a monument to inefficiency. It means Tank needs medications—one to slow the heart rate, one to increase contractility, the diuretic, and another pill to treat the hyperthyroidism more quickly than diet would. 

What’s his prognosis?: to be blunt, I don’t know. This can result in sudden death, or he can throw a clot that cuts off the blood supply to his legs. But I’m staying optimistic. Currently he seems healthy enough, and so long as he’s not in pain and seems happy, I’m going to keep crushing pills and enjoying his company. I got Tank as an adult cat with existing health conditions (FIV), but he’s only eight. I’m hopeful he’ll live a lot longer yet.

Ok sure but… dude, don’t you have a real-people job?: yeah, I do. Hence why I’m so reluctant asking for anything at all. In actuality, I have $4000 in savings, which is enough to cover about five more cardiac workups. But that money’s earmarked for something else, and while I’d put it off another year, it’s getting to be less and less cost effective to do so.

What is “it”? And what’s up with your chest?: that’d be the ol’ chest surgery. I’ve been seriously planning for surgery (so, saving) the last three or four years, and now have scheduled for Oct 7. I’m going for the periareolar version—basically cutting around the areola and excising tissue that way—less because I mind scars and more as it’s supposed to be better at keeping sensation intact. This surgeon charges $7300 for the lot (consultation/anesthesia/hospital time/etc), which is actually cheaper than other surgeons I’ve looked into, even $2000 less that I originally thought I’d spend. And she has the fringe benefit of being in a state where I actually know people, and can couchsurf to save a bit more. I would have likely had that much last year if it weren’t for unforeseen circumstances.

????: I don’t want to go to much into it, but last summer a member of my family became critically ill and passed. I had what I have now saved, but needed to use it while on FMLA and taking multiple cross-country flights. I then had issues saving it back up quickly for a few reasons: I have student loans (and who doesn’t?), Tank had a urinary obstruction last summer that necessitated five days in cat hospital, my brother decided to make me his best man. Yeah, I do make decent money, but it has been a costly few years.

But why don’t you just put off surgery again?: I would. But before Tank fell ill, this seemed the ideal year. I have a reasonable percentage of the funds. I want to leave my current job and city. It makes sense to do the surgery and mandatory 6 weeks of light duty in between gigs, so I signed up for some ridiculous crossfit torment to make sure I’d have some muscle mass to waste while I’m laid up. I’m not sure how long it’d be reasonable to keep paying for/enduring crossfit hell. And honestly, binding is just plain tedious after six years—three of which I’ve been working twelve-hour shifts and biking daily in >100F conditions.

What if I just wanna contribute to your cat because really there’s more deserving folks out there for the rest of it: that’s fine, but…

CURRENTLY, TANK’S VET BILLS ARE PAID IN FULL. The vet does recommend radiation for his thyroid, someday. This will likely occur sometime in the future, when he’s stable cardiac wise. The procedure is approximately $900, but for the time being, I’m being conservative with the anesthesia risk. 

Why did you take a normal person’s arm and staple it to your ghost body and how much do you need for your match-the-wall torso: ok rude, and about $3000 $2000. Again, anything at all is a big help.

Ok but seriously do we get anything out of this at all besides seeing your adorably huge cat and your pallor: GOOD FEELINGS. POSSIBLY NAUSEA IF YOU KEEP ON LOOKING AT MY SHITTY THIS-IS-WHAT-HAPPENS-TO-GINGERS-IN-THE-DESERT FARMER’S TAN CHRIST YOU CAN STOP LOOKING AT THAT ANYTIME NOW.

If those reward tiers aren’t enough, stay tuned! Youdidnotseeme is planning to auction THREE HOT ART PIECES, SOMEDAY. I am selling HOT FANFIC SERVED RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR and will do it for like ten bucks come onnnnn i’d do it for free let’s not lie to ourselves but it’s for a good cause!! 

Speaking of, do you perchance have a version of this post with more cat less talking: what do you take me for. of course i do

So just click right here! Panzercatgo at gmail dot com is the email, and thanks just for reading this all. 

Even a reblog would be so wonderful. Much love from us both! 




Remix for Kasumivy.


Might as well bring it back now that it’s allowed. Whoopsie. And thank you :D




22 years ago today, the first photo was uploaded to the web – and it was of an all-girl science rock band from CERN, signing about colliders, quarks, and antimatter.

Oh, and they were actually really, really good.

Check out that second link for some sweet, sweet nerdy tunes!


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i just want erik to take charles out in his wheelchair and have a cute picnic on a hill this is what i want take notes 20th century fox

All-New X-Men #11

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Beyond Belief + tumblr [x]

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Old!Cherik cuddling

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